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Lockdown Fundraising Stars

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Many fundraising plans have been put on hold in the past couple of months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, we are so impressed by the resilience that our challenge fundraisers have shown, their spirits have not been dampened and they continue to inspire us with their innovative methods of supporting Dig Deep.

Here is what our Lockdown Fundraising Stars have been up too... There have been numerous personal challenges taking place. We have seen Helen, George, Neville and Emma take the plunge and commit to shaving their head all in the name of Taps, Toilets and Training.

Francesca, Simon and April have all taken on epic physical tasks to challenge themselves and encourage supporters to join them or donate. Francesca urged her friends and family to join her in attempting to climb the height of Kilimanjaro on their stairs; Simon took on the mammoth task of running 2.6KM straight into a 26KM static cycle and April put her Netball skills to the test with a shooting challenge.

Our teams are full of talent and they have utilized these skills in their fundraising. Angharad is in the middle of a thirty day song challenge, singing a song a day; Tamara took to knitting squares of support and Ethan used his unique ability to impersonate Golum and sang a minute in character for every £10 donated!

Understandably, celebrating your birthdays in lockdown isn't ideal, but many have taken this time to create birthday fundraisers. Jess and Ashleigh are wonderful examples of this raising hundreds of pounds in the process, Happy Birthday and thank you!

As a family we are all in this together, so the Dig Deep team have been getting involved in Lockdown fundraising too. Rachael and fiance Will cycled 26 miles and Simon hosted his own Quarantine Olympics which encompassed 26 events from memory tasks to planks to running 2.6km around his garden.

Now, more than ever we are so grateful for how everyone has pulled together to support Dig Deep. We love seeing what you are up to so if you have been fundraising let us know! Everything from the weird to the wonderful.

Remember we have our Virtual Fundraising Guide to help you out and as always, get in touch with the team if you have any ideas that you would like to discuss.

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