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Why should I Link my Loo?

By Linking your Loo, Dig Deep and its partners can provide essential hygiene education, encouraging communities to adopt good hygienic practices to maintain a safe and clean environment, and motivate people to construct their own latrines.

Currently, there is an absence of water management systems in Bomet County which means that springs and rivers are at risk of running dry. What is more, pollution from waste products and sewage are contaminating groundwater resources, devastating the local ecology.

Over the last year, we have helped over 56,000 people become open defecation free. This is just the start, now we are working to ensure that good hygiene behaviour is embedded in every community in Bomet over the long-term.

Who can link their loo?

​Anyone! Buy as a gift for an individual/family or Link Your Loo at home by completing the form on this page today. You will be provided with a digital certificate via email to print and proudly display in your bathroom.

You can also link a block of loos at a school in Kenya for your company, school or organisation by contacting us at

Why £50?

Link Your Loo

If you are having issues making your donation or the below form is not loading please click here to be re-directed to the donation form.


By donating £50 today and Linking your Loo we can transform the provision of clean water, safe sanitation and good hygiene in Bomet County; protect the environment; and help marginalised children and families lift themselves out of poverty.

​For more information about our work in Bomet County, click here >

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