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Conquering Kili

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Signing up to conquer Kilimanjaro back in 2021 was in truth a no-brainer. The reasons stretched from a chance to test personality and character, to how well structured and safe I felt the challenge was, as well as towards supporting the moral ethics behind Dig Deep's mission. In sum, it was always more than just a climb. This made the fundraising experience extremely fulfilling, as it was an opportunity to pull on the people around me and network with my local community, through setting up social events like raffles, fetes, quizzes, and a charity football match. It showed what strength we have when we work together for a cause that puts our own lives and privileges into perspective. Absorbing the support, confidence, and belief of family and friends in this respect built a resilient mindset that I could take with me to Tanzania.

As for the trek, it is impossible to capture through words how stunning the landscapes are, how energized and entertaining the guides were, or in fact how motivational the collective spirit that begins to unravel has on you. Rallying behind each other's struggles is what makes that next step so worthwhile. Hence, 6 days were truly far too short a time to have journeyed with such exceptional people. I am grateful to my 25 climbing companions and the phenomenal trek2kili crew for supporting my ascent, which grew into a rewarding success not for me as an individual, but for us as a team who continue to meet up and share our time together. As perfectly epitomized by one of the guides, Conrad, upon completion of the summit who said that "This mountain is now a part of your history, as you are of it" showing how we are all connected one way or another in a much bigger picture for the betterment of others and the environment around us.

Now the prospect of working for Dig Deep as a Challenge Event Representative will enable me to instill the values and ideals that I have learned through fundraising and trekking. Supporting and working with eager upcoming individuals will enable me to tap into my own experience and share with those who are also keen to develop their skills within this mission for progress.

If you fancy taking on a challenge just like Sam then get in touch with us at or head to our website to find your next adventure.

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