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Confessions of a Fundraiser with Skye and Elgan

Thanks for joining us for this edition, both! We'll kick off with an easy one, what made you want to take on our Kilimanjaro challenge?

E: I have wanted to do some high-altitude hiking for a while, so when this opportunity arose it was perfect. I’ve particularly wanted to take advantage of long summers between my Uni years to do things that perhaps I might not have the time for afterward. I want to have new experiences and push my comfort zone.

S: I have always been a very keen adventurer and really enjoyed DofE at Secondary School, which we did in the Brecon Beacons and Yorkshire Dales, so I was looking for something similar to get into at Uni (Although Kilimanjaro is definitely a lot bigger!). I felt it would be a really good opportunity to learn more about mountaineering, work with a team, meet new people and take on a new and exciting adventure. The ability to do this alongside fundraising for Dig Deep was an incredible opportunity and I have really enjoyed finding out more about the charity and its amazing work towards accelerating access to water sanitation and good hygiene for over 1 million people in Bomet County, Kenya.

You've seen a lot of success in getting donations by simply getting the word out and sharing your fundraising page. What do you feel are your key steps to success with this approach?

S: I think the best way of getting the word out is exhausting any method of contact that you have! Be that through social media, friends, friends of friends, sending letters, speaking to anyone and everyone. Posting about the challenge often and making sure to clearly outline the aim of the charity and how you will be working with them.

Why did you choose to share your fundraising page link to ask for donations as your starting point before planning other fundraising events?

E: Having spoken to a lot of people about what I was doing, some people were keen to donate simply after I told them about it. I decided to harness that enthusiasm and see what I could raise just by sharing what I was doing, before planning further events.

Are you planning to do anything to keep your supporters engaged as you continue to fundraise?

S: I think it has been really important to thank people who have donated to me so far, so where I can, I have written personal thank you cards to those who have donated to express my thanks as well as informing them more about what their donation will do for the charity. I also encouraged them to follow my social media to keep up to date with my progress through fundraising but also when I eventually take on the climb.

Do you have any advice on how to reach out to your networks for some fundraisers who might be a bit nervous about asking for donations?

E: I think everyone is more willing to donate than you'd expect, but one thing I did find useful was just sharing your Instagram page with people, rather than specifically ‘asking for money’. People can see your page and choose to donate if they would like to.

S: I think following a structure for the message is a good way to start. It’s good to begin by introducing yourself and why you are making the post/sending the email, and then giving some context about Dig Deep and what they are aiming to do, and what the benefit of a donation could do for those who the charity work with. I then wrote about the fundraising I am organising this year and expressed my appreciation for any donations that friends and family may be able to give and finally attaching the link to my fundraising page at the end of the message. I also used a logo that Dig Deep provided for me in the email which states “in support of Dig Deep” and is also a great picture to use for a social media post. But most importantly, get the message out there to as many people as you know!

Finally, what are your future fundraising plans?

E: In a couple of weeks I’ve got bucket collections at the run of a student musical. I’m planning a pub quiz and hope to be the nominated charity for a charity Celiedh that's happening in a couple of months' time.

S: I am still working on future fundraising plans at the moment, but I'm hoping to host a Charity Reeling ball later on in the Summer term, inviting friends and family, with a ticket price that would include the evening of dancing, a dinner, and a small portion that would go towards Dig Deep. Although in the mean time I will continue to use networking opportunities to fundraise as much as I can!

A huge thank you again to Skye and Elgan for joining us on this month's blog, we hope you're excited to climb this Summer!

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