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Confessions of a fundraiser with Amelia

Thanks for joining us on our Blog Amelia, to start off, what made you want to sign up for our Kilimanjaro challenge?

For me, it was an extremely easy decision as I love to exercise and adventure. I have spent the past couple of years traveling, predominantly volunteering around the world, and finding a way to make an impactful difference on my travels wherever I can.

When my team leader asked me to join the Kilimanjaro challenge, I did not need to think twice to sign up and support Dig Deep’s incredible cause, as it is everything I love to do whilst making a significant difference to the happiness of others.

That's amazing, super well traveled then! What experience do you have with fundraising before this challenge and how do you feel about reaching the target?

The only other fundraising experience I have was completing the Oxford half marathon in 2021. I raised £1000 for cancer research, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I feel very motivated to reach my target for this challenge, and with the support and attitude to obtain it, I feel confident I will reach my goal.

You won our November Fundraiser of the month for your quiz night, how did you go about organizing and promoting it? Did you have friends and family who were able to help you?

Organizing and promoting my quiz night was surprisingly very unchallenging. Fortunately, I had incredible support from my family who helped with cooking, hosting, and general organizing on the day, but my main source of promotion was from advertising it online or by word-of-mouth in the month leading up to my quiz night.

You also ran a raffle on the night, how did you source the prizes for this?

My raffle was the biggest income of the evening, I had 26 amazing prizes donated from supportive companies and individuals. Other than the prizes given to me, I arranged most prizes (like hampers and gift sets) by simply asking companies I knew, and liked, for their support of Dig Deep. The majority were incredibly kind and helped create a very impressive selection of prizes.

We have a lot of fundraisers who are interested in hosting their own quiz nights, what advice would you give them?

I would advise them to be confident (and importantly, polite) in asking for support. There was a lot to take on and think about, especially if you are working at the same time. You could be asking someone who is a great public speaker to read the questions or asking a local company for a prize for the raffle table; If you do not ask for help you will not receive it and most are keen to help because it is for a very worthy cause!

People can really underestimate how much their friends and family want to help them sometimes, so it's great to see it work in practice! Finally, what other fundraisers have you got up your sleeve?

I aim to raise the remaining target amount moving forward, is by selling my artwork and commissions with 100% of the profits going into my fundraising total.

A massive thank you again to Amelia for joining us on the blog this month, we're so excited to see you climb later this Summer!

If you are wanting to host a quiz night like Amelia or put one of your ideas into action but don't know where to start book in a call with Meg.

We also have limited spaces remaining on our 2023 Kilimanjaro climbs, if you refer a friend to take on the challenge with you'll both receive £100 off of your remaining registration fees! You can register for the challenge here.

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