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From Warwick, to Brighton, to Lancaster

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Mia Brown - Warwick Team

"In order to raise money for my trip and Dig Deep, I hosted a ‘Yogathon’. The aim of my ‘Yogathon’ was to complete 108 sun salutations. With my idea in mind, I emailed a local teacher in request of her assisting me with my event and contacted a local pub who frequently hosts yoga classes in their ballroom, the venue and the teacher (Phoebe) were happy to help. I began to plan how I could maximise the amount I raised during the event and determined a raffle would be perfect. I emailed, called and visited various businesses both locally and further afield asking whether they would donate an item for my raffle. With determination and persistence in contacting more and more businesses, I managed to receive a total of 9 prizes for my raffle, which was way more than I ever expected.

I created an Instagram account, a Facebook page and began to create a poster for my event. I printed this poster out and placed it in the windows of local businesses in the hope of getting more attention to my event. I posted regularly to gain more attraction and attended local yoga classes where I distributed my flyers to fellow yogis. I decided to Livestream the event, with the link only being sent out following the £5 payment. Those that attended the event in person also paid a £5 entry fee. This was a huge success, especially amongst my friends and family who don’t live nearby yet still wanted to participate.

In the end, I reached my target and made £200 from the event, helping me to make over £1000 in my first month of fundraising. I have also learned so much throughout the process of how to run an event and believe I have gained valuable skills in organisation, time management, and communication."

James Macdonald - Brighton Team

"As a way to raise money during the pandemic and be productive, I decided to do something physical. This lead me to the most difficult event I could train for by myself. The Brighton marathon. Unfortunately, the pandemic regularly affected my training plan for the marathon, to the point of myself getting Covid 2 months before the marathon took place. I promoted the marathon and I used posters and flyers at my place of work (+ social media!).

My advice for fundraisers is to plan your ways of generating donations as much as you can - as people may struggle to donate to you when they want to and will forget, but being politely persistent works in the end"

Rory Ryding and Jack Goodwin - Lancaster Team

"Our first fundraiser was a Kilimanjaro pub quiz for 150+ people, with a raffle, games, and music providing entertainment for the night! It was a great success, with enjoyment throughout and great anticipation for another event for December 17th, 2021. In total, the amount raised was just short of £900"

Jess Brown- Scotland Team

"I decided to run a marathon because I have always seen it as one of the biggest challenges, and has been on my bucket list for years! I figured running the marathon for Dig Deep would be such a great way to raise money, and through the help of friends and family, I managed to reach my target of £1400! To anyone thinking of running a marathon I would say training is the most important thing, train hard and you will be absolutely fine on the day! Such a rewarding experience...once you have crossed the finish line."

If you have any upcoming fundraising events, make sure to tag us in your photos!

Or, if you have been inspired to take on the challenge yourself then registrations to join our 2022 Kilimanjaro teams are now open. Head over to our website to find your closest team or join one of our upcoming information sessions.

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