Confessions of a Fundraiser with Ellie

Updated: Jan 26

What has been your favourite fundraiser so far?

Definitely making my Polymer Clay Earrings! I’ve really enjoyed being creative and putting apart of ‘me’ into fundraising.

What has been your biggest challenge with fundraising this year?

Going into lock-down I felt like I wouldn’t be able to fundraise at all, all my ideas for the year couldn’t necessarily go on. I was starting to get nervous about deadlines. However, soon I began to try and think outside the box and come up with some ideas that could be done during lock-down – although this process was hard it was definitely worth it, coming up with unique ideas felt very rewarding.

What have you learnt from the experience?

Fundraising experience – I’ve learnt that even during difficult times that I still wanted to help people that were less fortunate than me. I thought fundraising would be impossible, but I have learnt how heart-warming it is to see how many of my friends, family and even strangers want to support Dig Deep, just like me.