Top Tips from our Challenge Fundraisers

To all our amazing fundraisers, we have a very useful blog for you! We know that around deadline time it can be a bit nerve wracking and some of you may be feeling nervous or even a bit disenchanted about fundraising. This is normal, and it is definitely possible to reach your target! You may be sick of hearing that from us by now, so we asked some other students who are fundraising just like you this year about what they think has worked for them in their fundraising challenge to climb Kilimanjaro/Kenya this summer.

Have a read and a think about how you can incorporate these ideas into your own fundraising! Remember you are not alone in your fundraising. You can always ask on the I'm Doing a Dig Deep Challenge Group to see what fundraisers all over the country are up to!

Some top advice from:

Joe Roberts- Coventry University

“Always have something going on. If you're busy during a short period of time ask friends to complete a challenge or to take donation forms around their workplaces. Use social media to sell raffle tickets once you can't sell any more in person.” Steph Wilson - Newcastle University

"I started fundraising really early and planned what I was going to do which was key for me! My Christmas raffle was a huge success and I got many donations for prizes.. If you don't ask then you don't get. I raised £675 from this and everyone was so generous. All my ideas involved people getting something back from donations such as a girls afternoon and a clay pigeon shoot. Make sure you ask people as they will be more than happy to help!"

Samantha Hope - Keele University

“Tell everyone you know about what you're doing and just ask for donations. Even if you feel like you're begging, you just have to put your pride behind you!”