Our Christmas Newsletter

Dig Deep Ambassador’s Club

We are delighted to have launched the Ambassador’s Club and Ambassador’s Wall in the past week. Our Ambassadors Club seeks to recognise those who have made significant or recent contributions to Dig Deep. We simply couldn't do what we do without the amazing support we receive from fundraisers, donors, supporters and friends & family. We believe that each contribution has been a drop that has created ever expanding ripples of change. To find out how you can join the Ambassadors Club and help us to transform lives, see here.

Looking back on a great 2017/18

It is a little over a year ago since we celebrated our Dig Deep 10th Anniversary dinner in London and we are now entering our new financial year. During the past year, a lot has been achieved. Those who attended may remember that at each table at the dinner there was an envelope that contained information on a specific school where we were planning projects, 7 in all. We have, in the past year, completed our projects at 6 of those 7 of schools, started the final one, as well as 8 projects at other schools and communities. It has been a busy year and we look forward to sharing our impact report soon.

Pioneering agreement with Kenyan Government

In the past months, Dig Deep has signed an agreement with the Kenyan Government to co-fund sanitation programmes in Bomet County. This is the first time such an agreement has been reached and is the result of very careful relationship building, by Country Manager Justus Tanui, with the County Government. Dig Deep is not the long-term solution to Kenya’s water and sanitation problems, the Government is. This new joint venture places new responsibilities on provision from the County and is a step towards an achievable and sustainable plan for Bomet.