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From teaching to leading

Our Head of Programmes, Justus Tanui has joined us to tell us more about his journey with Dig Deep and exciting plans for 2023.

Before joining Dig Deep, I served for 10 years as Head Teacher of the ‘Small Home’ - a residential school for children with special educational needs which was the very first of its kind in the region. We had many challenges at the school, but the biggest was that the children and my team of teachers had no access to clean water, safe sanitation, or hygiene.

This changed when Dig Deep started working in Bomet County in 2012 and provided water and sanitation to children at the Small Home (a project that is of course still benefiting the children at the school today).

As their head teacher, I saw firsthand the impact this had on the health of the children and their educational attainment. This led me to volunteer my spare time to help Dig Deep deliver these vital services to many more schools across my community. In 2018, I handed over the Small Home to new leadership and took on the responsibility of delivering Dig Deep’s work in Kenya.

I am in the position of wearing two hats. I am leading Dig Deep’s work in Kenya - but at the same time am a member of the community you are supporting. Given this, I want to say thank you so much for making Dig Deep’s work possible.

In early December 2022, I joined our Chief Exec, Ben to update our supporters on the incredible progress we have made in Bomet County as well as our exciting plans for 2023. If you haven't already, please do catch up with my Q+A below.

On behalf of all the children and families in my community, thank you for your ongoing support. If you would like to support Dig Deep then please consider making a donation or joining one of our challenge events.

Written by Justus Tanui, Head of Programmes

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