We are community led.


We know that the best solutions are the ones that are designed and cared for by the communities that use them. We work in partnership with communities to find solutions that are appropriate. We train up community leaders, teachers and water committees on how to manage and maintain their water supplies, as well as maintain good sanitation and prevent disease.


We are on the ground, working with communities to help them solve problems from the bottom up. We base our work around what matters to people – health, long-term water supply and school attendance and attainment.   

We're focused.

We aren’t trying to solve every problem everywhere - instead, we know that our work is going to be most effective if we focus. All of our projects are in southwest Kenya, in Bomet and Narok counties.  


We are committed to becoming experts in these areas, fully understanding the context, culture, and geography to make our work even more effective.


We’re not daunted by remote or hard to reach areas, but are committed to communities and finding solutions that will work for them in the long term. We have experienced and specialised staff, and have a reputation for excellence, dedication, and commitment.  

We're in it for the long haul.


Unlike many charities working in Kenya, we don’t build a well and walk away. We will not stop until we’re completely confident that the water supply we’ve provided can be managed and maintained in the long term.


We don’t measure our success on the number of wells built, but on making sure they’re still running just as well 5 years down the line. We’re not working to get quick wins, but building knowledge that will impact communities for generations.


We invest in monitoring and evaluation to build on our work. We promote improved sanitation, handwashing, hygiene, and strive to achieve the long-term health and educational benefits that improved water and sanitation can bring.  

 Registered Charity No. 1148745 

Dig Deep (Africa)

2 Rushdale Rd, Sheffield,

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Email: info@digdeep.org.uk

Tel: +44 (0) 114 360 1471 /

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