We monitor all projects at least once every six months for a minimum of five years after our initial interventions. 


We lead the field in transparency, publishing project locations and three accessible monitoring indicators on Google Maps, and sharing our complete monitoring data and methodology on request. This allows others to learn from our monitoring and ensures we are accountable to our beneficiaries and supporters.


Key - understanding our project map


At each of our project sites we work with schools and communities to help them get access to Taps, Toilets and Training. We call these the ‘3Ts’ - find out more here.


Real change takes time and needs to be carefully measured. That’s why we conduct surveys at our projects at least once every six months in order to track progress towards each of the ‘3Ts’.


The 3 drop rating system


We carry out detailed surveys at each of our projects. For example, with our partner schools, we use surveys carried out by Dig Deep's local team, using digital technology to record 157 data sets on each school. This data is used to inform 32 indicators and 11 headline indicators, which are described using our 3 Drop Rating System:


Some progress has been made since we started working with the school or community, but more work is required



Substantial progress has been made, but some more work is still needed




Excellent - the school or community now has optimum access to taps, toilets and training



Current Projects


The blue markers show projects that are going through our monitoring and support cycle. If you click on one of these markers you can see:

  • Basic information on the school/community – e.g. if you click on a school, the number of students, head teacher name, the year the school started partnering with Dig Deep etc.

  • The date of the last monitoring survey and the status of the water supply, sanitation access and hygiene education

  • The key donors who made the project possible


Future projects


The yellow markers show the schools and communities we have already committed to partnering with in the future. If you click on one of these markers you can see:

  • Basic information on the school/community

  • An overview of the agreed investment required in taps, toilets, and training


If you are interested in seeing more detail, we are happy to share all of our data and underlying monitoring and evaluation methodology on request. Just get in touch - info@digdeep.org.uk or call +44 (0) 114 360 1471.

Why we monitor projects for at least 5 years


Within the Kenyan development community it is thought as many as 60% of all water projects fail within six months of completion, largely because government bodies, NGOs and donors build a well and walk away. We have a very different approach. We monitor all projects at least once every six months for a minimum of five years after the initial intervention.


It is our view that the data we collect is only useful to the extent that it can be both understood and acted on by our team, supporters, and (most crucially) the local people and institutions we work with. This is why, for example, we provide our school partners with clear one-page monitoring reports and action plans that we share, discuss and agree with school management, parent-teacher associations, and local government. 


In our experience, change does not necessarily follow a linear progression. In order to reinforce the training Dig Deep provides and ensure sustainability of water and sanitation projects, proactive partnership building is required over this 5-year monitoring period. This long-term regular monitoring means that hygiene education and management of water and sanitation resources are prioritised, becoming a sustainable part of school and community culture.

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