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How our teams are training for Kilimanjaro

Ever wondered what it takes to train to reach the summit of the world's tallest free-standing mountain? This month members of our Oxford/Visa team have joined us to talk through what they have been doing in preparation.

Led by team leader Vinay, together they have tackled Snowdon, the Surrey Three Peaks, the Thames Path, and a virtual 1,400km challenge ahead of their ascent of Kilimanjaro this summer. See what some of the team members have to say about their preparations...

Josie Fadil

In March, 4 people from the team went on to do the Surrey Three peaks challenge aka Boxhill. It was only the second time part of the group did an activity together. After 7 and a half hours, 50k steps, lots of mud, and lots of talking and getting to know one another we managed to walk a total of 34km with an 807m elevation gain. It was challenging but it was a fun walk with some beautiful scenery and hence why we went back and did it again in May!

Will Howe

In April, I took on the challenge to run 100KM around the South Downs as part of the Ultra X Spring Trail Series. It was only my second Ultra Run and had over 10,000 ft of elevation gain which will massively help my preparations in climbing to 19,000ft.

Bassit Abbas

Back in October 2021, I hit the roads of Dubai to complete a half marathon in heat and humidity. But, 1 hour, 44 minutes late, I was able to get across the line with one thing on my mind: that Kilimanjaro summit. That couldn’t be the end of the running segment of the training plan, as I headed towards the Dubai Marina Harbour for a 10km competition in April 2022 in which I came first in his age category weaving in between the yachts and boats at the harbor. There’ll be more to come on the running front!

Congratulations to all the team members for jumping head first into their training (and fundraising!) for their Kilimanjaro challenge, we can't wait to see you in Tanzania soon.

If you are thinking about your own training then why not get started with our training plan.

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