Why you should climb Mount Kenya

This blog was written by Leanne Hamflett who climbed Mount Kenya in July 2019.

Like many others, I perhaps signed up to the challenge without paying too much thought as to what that actually entailed. Not new to fundraising or a physical challenge, I was in the mindset of ‘how hard could it be?’

Little did I know…

Just kidding. In all honesty, it was amazing. Way more amazing than I could have imagined. Kenya is now my favourite country to have visited, and I would go again in a heartbeat. Kenyans are the friendliest, kindest and smiliest people I have ever met, and they made my trip. During our climb, I learnt so much about the country’s history, politics, culture and what it is like in the life of a Kenyan. I admit, I was lucky to be in the company of my boyfriend who can talk for England and make friends with a