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A Goodbye from Nina

Nina Martynchyk worked as a Challenge Support Officer from July 2018 - August 2019

I was certain I would complete my therapy degree at University and continue my career in mental health. Becoming a team leader for Kilimanjaro, leaving university, accepting a job as Dig Deep’s new fundraising officer and moving 200 miles away to a city which I knew nothing about was definitely not part of my initial plan. However, I wouldn’t have it any other way and this is down to you guys.

I am extremely privileged to have been given the blessing to be able to be a part of your lives throughout the past year. To have witnessed you raise thousands of pounds through sheer passion and determination which has often required you to break out of your comfort zones despite the fact that this has often made you very uncomfortable has been beyond inspiring.

Many of you have reached low points in the year where you have felt scared and daunted by this whole experience. However, you have allowed yourselves to be vulnerable enough to share these feelings with me and to let me support you. This has meant more to me than you know! You have also confided in me with things that have been nothing to do with fundraising and in these moments, it has felt like an absolute honour to be someone that you trust so much.

Sometimes experiences can change the course of your life and with you guys being so lovely all year, I am now seriously considering carrying on working in the fundraising sector when I am out in Australia. You have made work not feel like at work at all and just as I have helped guide you, you have helped guide my next steps too.

Thank you <3

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