May Newsletter - "Menstruating women and girls should be championed not stigmatised"

There are now only 5 days to go until Global Menstrual Health Day on the 28th May. This month has been a busy one for us at Dig Deep with the launch of our brand new Period Pride campaign. Period Pride has been launched with the aim of celebrating periods, shedding the stigmas surrounding menstruation and raising funds to give girls in Kenya the confidence they need to unlock their potential and thrive. So in honour of Period Pride, for this newsletter, I have asked Jennifer Moore, Menstruation researcher, MA International Development and soon to be PhD student, to share her thoughts on why she is passionate about Periods and the importance of Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) work.

"Menstruating women and girls should be championed not stigmatised"

They say that research is "me-search" and my interest in periods is definitely in part due to my experiences growing up. I had my first period at a pretty young age, I remember running to my mum and seeing the excitement on her face when