Climbing Kili for Clean Water

Climbing Kilimanjaro with Dig Deep will be one of the best decisions you will ever make, it may be hard but it is definitely worth it. It is truly the best experience of my life and I am so glad that the opportunity came around for me to be a part of this incredible adventure. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to achieve something amazing not only for yourself but for an incredible charity that helps to create clean water and sanitation for rural areas of Kenya. You will also meet some of the best people on the mountain and gain some lifelong friends in the process.

When I heard my university was involved in the Dig Deep challenge of Climbing Kilimanjaro for Clean Water I was instantly intrigued to find out more as I have always wanted to do something cool like climb a mountain and knowing that is was for such a good cause made it even more appealing. So, when I saw the introductory video highlighting the climb I was hooked! Was it mostly because of the views and the idea of seeing an amazing sunrise at the peak of a mountain? Well, yes!! I mean the views and the scenery looked beautiful and I knew it was something I could not miss out on and it was then, in my uni Starbucks that I knew I had to climb Kilimanjaro with Dig Deep (sounds so cheesy but it’s true).

Alesha at the Summit (Uhuru Peak) of Kilimanjaro

The main goal of the trip until you arrive in East Africa is to fundraise, and this can seem daunting and nerve wracking the closer it gets to the final deadline but it is achievable. It can be difficult especially whilst