Through partnering with Dig Deep your company can transform the lives of thousands of children, whilst meeting your wider CSR and business objectives.


Our input into our partnerships is ongoing and active, based upon your needs. We know that every organisation is different and so build bespoke partnerships with companies that support our projects. Below are some examples of how your Dig Deep company partnership could work.


To find out more and discuss this further, please contact our Operations Director James Haughton via email on or call our UK office on 0114 360 1471.


Increase long-term customer engagement through tracking their donations to projects in the field.


Many companies give their customers the opportunity to donate a small amount to charity with every purchase (for example, when transacting online adding a £1 donation to Dig Deep at the checkout).


Once a customer has donated, we are able to help you tell the story of the specific project they have made possible through sending them engaging, interactive reports for 6-9 months after their donation is made. For example:

1-3 Months - Planning Report: 

  • Description and photos of the school and wider community

  • Google Map GPS location of the school

  • Plans for the water and sanitation project

3-6 Months - Construction Report:

  • Story of the first stage of the construction process

  • Photos of ground being broken and work getting underway.

6-9 Months - Completion Report

  • Pictures of the project in use   

  • Interviews with students and staff describing the impact on their lives

  • The Google Map GPS location of the project will also be updated to recognise your company as the official sponsor of the project.


We will work with you to ensure that these reports enhance your customer engagement and wider brand.



Increase employee engagement and wellbeing through challenge event participation.

Nothing brings a team together like taking on a physical challenge for a fantastic cause.


We are experts in organising life-changing challenge events around the world. We support over 300 volunteers a year to fundraise for and take on our challenge events, all of which are organised in-house by Dig Deep to ensure the highest quality, safety and ethical standards.


In the UK we currently offer:

  • Our Snowdonia sponsored climb, Bungee Jumps across the UK and a variety of Sponsored Walks

  • As our challenges are organised in-house, we are able to organise bespoke challenge events for your company on request

In East Africa we currently offer four once-in-a-lifetime challenge  events:

  • The Maasai Cycle

  • The Amazing Maasai Marathon

  • Climbing Mt Kenya

  • Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro


All of these challenges include a visit to one of our project locations to see first-hand the work your fundraising has made possible - find out more about our East Africa challenges here.



Leadership reward scheme


Reward and retain top talent by giving them the opportunity to visit the projects you have made possible and meet the beneficiaries of your investment. After their visit they will also have the chance to experience the wonders of East Africa.


We will be on hand throughout their trip to make all the relevant arrangements and ensure it is a unique, unforgettable experience.


There are many other ways your company could support Dig Deep, please use the form below to start a conversation today.

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