Forty Days of Change


Bomet County is one of the most marginalised in Kenya, and only 19% of people living there have access to clean water and sanitation. We need your help to change this. 


This Lent we are asking you to give up something small for Lent and donate the money that you save to Dig Deep.

Are you addicted to your local coffee shop? Eager to walk instead of drive? or ready to swap your lunchtime meal deals for last nights leftovers? If so then this Lent is the time to make a change. If you spend £2.50 a day on your favourite vanilla Latte, that's a total of £12.50 a week. Over forty days you could be spending £100 just on coffee alone.


This lent if you choose to go without your vanilla latte for 40 days in aid of Dig Deep you could donate £100 instead. That £100 could provide six children with access to clean drinking water at their school, removing the barriers they face on a day to day basis and transforming their lives. 


Join our Forty Days of Change Challenge to see how much you could save and donate to your fundraising target. Click the button below to set up your fundraising page. 

In Bomet County only 19% of the population have access to clean water and sanitation

Schools in Bomet County are 12% below the national exam average

In Bomet County 19% of children are absent from school everyday

In Bomet County 57% of girls are not in secondary education

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