Clean drinking water, safe toilets and good hygiene are essential, and yet in rural Kenya, too many children and communities lack these services. This causes entirely preventable disease which disrupts children from learning and parents from earning. It leaves young children stunted from malnourishment and particularly prevents girls from reaching their full potential.

In Bomet County, where we do most of our work:

Our mission is to change this. We use the 3Ts - Taps, Toilets and Training. You can find out more about the potential impact of your support here.

We build infrastructure that will provide a school or community with reliable, clean water (normally by installing a rainwater harvesting system). We use locally available materials, training up local artisans and community groups to ensure that the equipment can be managed and maintained in the long term.


The clean water improves health, saves time that was previously used for collecting water and positively impacts school attendance and attainment.


We build Ventilated Improved Pit latrines in schools, providing children with a safe, hygienic and private space in which to go to the toilet. While this sounds simple, it has a huge impact on children’s health and school attendance, particularly for teenage girls.

We also promote the construction of latrines at people's homes to end the practice of open defecation which contributes to the spread of disease. We mobilise communities to build their own at every home in the locality.



We train teachers and community health workers in health and hygiene, ensuring that communities understand how diseases spread and what they need to do to keep themselves and their families healthy. Training these key community members to teach others means the knowledge remains embedded and is delivered sensitively.


We also run menstrual hygiene training, breaking down stigma, correcting misinformation and giving girls the tools and insight they need to continue their education and role in the community when menstruating.


We don’t measure our success by the number of water projects or toilets built, but on making sure they are effectively serving communities for generations to come. For this reason we commit to monitoring and supporting all of our projects for a minimum of 5 years after they are first completed.





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