Provide an entire school with clean drinking water.


The cost of providing an entire school with clean water varies depending on the exact number of students, how many students board at the school and the existing facilities. On average, the costs of supplying a school with clean drinking water start at £7,500 and can go up to £15,000 for the largest institutions.



When you choose to sponsor a school your gift will be linked to a suitable school depending on the size of your contribution and you will be recognised as the official sponsor of the project.



Keeping you involved



Our school water projects take between 6 to 9 months to plan, construct and commission. We will keep you updated on every stage of this process. Here is what you will receive over the next 9 months:



1-2 Months - Planning Report - this will include the Google Map GPS location of the school, photographs and summary of the school and full details of construction plans for the water project.



3-6 Months - Construction Report - this will detail the first stage of the construction process and include pictures of ground being broken and work getting underway.



6 - 9 Months - Completion report – this will include pictures of the water project in use and stories of children at the school describing how the project has changed their lives; the Google Map GPS location of the project will also be updated to recognize you as the official sponsor of the water project.





To express your interest in sponsoring a school water project simply fill out the form below. Our Director Ben Skelton will then be in touch with you in the next 2 working days.


Your decision to sponsor a school is the first drop.  The ripples change everything...



Diseases from dirty water kill more people every year than all forms of violence, including war, and children under five years old are the worst affected. We know that clean water reduces diarrhoea by 21%; safe sanitation reduces diarrhoea by 37%; and the simple act of washing hands at critical times can reduce diarrhoea cases by as much as 35% .



443 million school days are lost each year simply due to children suffering from water and sanitation related illness. From seeing the improvements in attendance and grades at the schools we have already partnered with, we know that taps and toilets are vital for educating the next generation.



In the areas where we work 4 in 10 children suffer from stunting due to inadequate nutrition, resulting in a permanent impairment in their physical and cognitive development. We know that up to 50% of these cases could be prevented with access to clean water and  safe sanitation.  


Empowerment for women

Lacking access to clean water places the burden of collection disproportionately on women and girls - in the areas where we work they walk up to 80 minutes a day to collect water in the dry season. We know that the provision of taps and toilets removes this burden and also increases girl’s attendance in school, hugely increasing the opportunities available to them.



Water and sanitation access unleashes a community's economic potential. We know that on average every £1 invested in water and sanitation yields over £4 in economic return.


People fortunate enough to grow up with taps and toilets often can’t imagine living a day without them. We know that water and sanitation promotes dignity and brings happiness.

Can I link my contribution to a specific school water project prior to making my donation?


We are happy to do this but it may alter the project timeline detailed above.  Please email our Director Ben Skelton for more information -


What type of project will I be making possible?

The majority of our school water projects utilise rainwater harvesting technology. This captures rain falling on the roofs of the school and hygienically filters and stores this in large tanks, cost effectively providing the school with a year round source of clean drinking water. However, for some schools wells and spring capture technologies are more appropriate. Full details will be provided in your Planning Report.


What will my money be spent on?

As the official sponsor of the project your gift will be restricted for use in creating a clean water source for the school you are sponsoring. This means your money will go directly to the following cost:


  • 20% on construction labour - local artisans physically building
    the infrastructure

  • 65% for materials - typically cement for storage tanks, pipes and

  • 5% on transport for materials - we work in remote areas mostly lacking
    paved road access and so heavy equipment is needed to transport materials

  • 10% programme support - this is the cost of Dig Deep’s Kenyan team
    planning the project with the school, ensuring the highest possible
    construction standards are met,  tracking where every penny is spent and
    monitoring the success of the project


This breakdown can of course vary depending on the type of technology used.


If you have any other questions please get in touch here

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