Our strategy and 5-year plan

Updated: Aug 13

Our strategy

Our work is currently focused in Bomet County, in the South West of Kenya. Bomet has a population of around one million people. Currently these residents have the 3rd lowest access to clean water sources of Kenya's 47 counties with only 23% having access to both clean water and a safe toilet (KNBS, 2013).

We won't be leaving until we are sure that the county has achieved Sustainable Development Goal 6, which means everyone has clean water, safe toilets and good hygiene - forever. To achieve this, we are not doing piecemeal projects - we are working with government and business to set up services and build systems that are self-sustaining. This is because we know that it is local government, local business and ultimately local communities who will overcome the water and sanitation crisis, and our job is to help them significantly speed up this process.

In Kenya power is largely devolved to the county level, and this means that Bomet County Government plays the critical role in achieving the goal of reaching everyone, forever. For this reason, we work closely with the County Government and private sector partners to:

1. Inform and Influence - for progress to be made and sustained it is crucial that county government departments and local businesses have the skills and expertise they need to create water and sanitation systems that reach everyone, and keep these systems running forever. Achieving this in practice means everything from training government engineers in best practice for building school toilets, to supporting decision makers in coordinating information collection and sharing across departments and sectors.