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November Newsletter

This month sees Dig Deep recommencing our Community Led Total Sanitation Programme (CLTS). CLTS is an innovative methodology for mobilising communities to completely eliminate open defecation. Communities are assisted in assessing their own appraisal and analysis of open defecation within their communities and to realise the harm that this practice does to their health.

The product of this realisation is that community members resolve to eradicate open defecation by ensuring each household has their own latrine. The exercise also allows Dig Deep to disseminate key hygiene knowledge such as how and when to wash hands. The pilot CLTS programme undertaken in 2017 showed exciting results with hundreds of household latrines constructed by the community. 

Our current plans involve undertaking CLTS in 6 villages and have largely been funded via our Link Your Loo campaign. By linking your loo and donating £50 you will help to alleviate disease caused by open defecation and poor sanitation practices which ultimately keep parents from earning and children from learning. Not only this but you will also receive a Link Your Loo Certificate which includes a photograph of the loo you have been linked with and a GPS location so you can find its location online.

If you would like to link your loo or if you are looking for Christmas gifts with meaning this year then make sure you visit our Christmas Shop. Here you will not only be able to Link Your Loo but also buy some fabulous Christmas cards designed by some very talented fundraisers. 

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