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Lockdown fundraising stars cont.

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

We wanted to highlight some more of our Lockdown Fundraising Stars who haven't let a pandemic get them down. From all of us at Dig Deep we want to say a massive thank you for your ingenuity and resourcefulness in adapting your fundraising plans.

Whilst a number of things have been put on hold, socialising hasn't! A number of our teams have made sure that despite being apart we can still do things together. Declan hosted a Virtual Fifa Tournament and then graced us with 26 jokes to keep spirits high; the Queen Mary team threw a virtual loo roll between them from England to France in an engaging and fun video (watch here) and Charlie is taking this time to plan ahead and is on her way to organising a Christmas Ball. Laure and Seb also got their friends and family involved in their fundraising by getting them to set challenges for the pair to complete, from bilingual tasks to baking! The entrepreneurial minds our fundraisers possess really came to the forefront in the past month. One example are Sophie and Tom from the Portsmouth team who have been selling artwork and pre-loved items over Facebook whilst remaining socially distanced!

As we are sure you are aware, online shopping has increased massively. So, why not use easyfundraising to bring in donations every time you shop online. Since Lockdown begun Dig Deep challengers have raised over £200.00 on easyfundraising, with Euan, Megan and Madeleine competing for the top spot. Additionally, Joe and Ben have been using the platform since they signed up to the challenge and have managed to raise £393.57 and £225.16 respectively! Find out more and sign up to easyfundraising here.

The Dig Deep team has also been taking part in Lockdown Fundraising. Ben and the Skelton family completed their Family Marathon in their local area on foot and by bike. Whilst Harriet and her sister Alice have completed 26 challenges set by friends and family including recreating favourite childhood photos!

Once again, we are so grateful for how everyone has pulled together to support Dig Deep. We love seeing what you are up to so if you have been fundraising let us know! Everything from the weird to the wonderful. Remember we have our Virtual Fundraising Guide to help you out and as always, get in touch with the team if you have any ideas that you would like to discuss.

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