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February Newsletter - 2020

This months newsletter has been written by Ben Skelton, Dig Deep's CEO.

In Bomet County the problem is often not water scarcity, it is water management. 

Since December Bomet has seen an unprecedented amount of rainfall which has caused severe flooding, damaging property and infrastructure across the county. 

Just last week our Kenyan team found themselves stranded on the opposite side of the Kimase River whilst undertaking their work. 

This picture shows where the bridge over the river once stood.

Despite these challenges, the team have been able to continue the roll out of our CLTS (community led total sanitation) training to 6 more villages. 

CLTS mobilises communities to eliminate open defecation by encouraging families to build a household latrine. The team and our partners in the County Government have worked tirelessly to provide training to families on the health risks of open defecation, and how to protect themselves by constructing latrines that will withstand the heavy rainfall.

Thanks to everyone's hard work and dedication to this programme 171 latrines and 542 hand washing stations have been constructed in just the last few weeks – a huge achievement given the flooding.

This means that these 6 villages, which are home to 7048 people, are on track to be declared open defecation free in the near future.   

Pictured here is the Rono Family and their newly constructed household latrine.

Forty Days of Change Challenge | Lent Appeal

Over the next few months we want to reach 1000's more people with clean water and sanitation, and to do this we need you! So join us this Lent by signing up to our 'Forty Days of Change' Challenge.

We are asking you to give up something for Lent and donate the money that you save to Dig Deep (It's that simple).

For example, you might fancy swapping your lunch time meal deal for last nights leftovers and saving £3 everyday! £3 everyday for 40 days would lead to a £120 donation to Dig Deep which could provide at least 7 children with access to clean water at their school.  

As always thank you for your ongoing support, we simply couldn't do what we do without you. 

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