Dig Deep Challenges response to Covid-19

As we are all aware, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant disruption and challenges to almost every aspect of our normal lives.

As with every decision we make as an organisation, our response to COVID-19 was carefully considered for the interest of the people we serve; both the communities and schools in Kenya and our supporters here in the UK.

For us at Dig Deep, our international challenge fundraisers are the beating heart of our organisation; without their dedication and commitment over the years, thousands of people would still not have the access to clean water and sanitation that we can proudly say their fundraising has been able to provide.

When this virus started to spread and associated measures began to be put into place, it was clear that the restrictions on people's movements would cast uncertainty over the viability of both the ability of our supporters to continue to fundraise at the same rate and whether the restrictions on travel would be lifted in time to allow the trips to go ahead at all.

These concerns of our own coupled with listening to many of our supporters voicing similar concerns led us to make the difficult decision on 26th March to postpone all our challenge events until next year.

Alongside postponing the trip dates from August 2020 to a choice between March 2021 and August 2021, we also waived the fee to move their trip to the new date, reduced the first fundraising target from £1750 to £1250 and extended the deadline to reach this by 3 months.