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My time as a team leader with Ethan

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

What attracted you to the Team Leader role for the Kilimanjaro Challenge?

I came to university hoping to pursue a career related to international development. I was therefore drawn to the challenge because it offered an opportunity to gain experience for such a future career but an opportunity to contribute to inspiring work in international development in the present. It also offered an amazing opportunity to grow as a person, meet tonnes of new people, and go on the adventure of a lifetime - so it was quite the package!

Can you give a brief summary of your role as a Team Leader?

At my university, I was part of a group of two other Team Leaders. Together, we advertised our climb around our university campus and online. We went to freshers events, another local university, and hosted multiple information sessions on the climb. Once we recruited our team, prior to the pandemic hitting, we arranged socials and team-fundraising events. Since the pandemic hit, I have adapted to a new mode of leading my team virtually. In particular, I have had regular calls with them to help them arrange fundraising events using Dig Deep’s Virtual Fundraising guide, as well as supported them with personal difficulties they have encountered.

Could you outline some of the team fundraisers/socials you have organised?

Prior to the pandemic, we met at a local restaurant for a meal out. I also arranged a team bag-pack and worked with my other Team Leaders to arrange a few Period Parties. Since the pandemic hit, we have hosted an online social event involving virtual Pictionary.

What has been your favourite part of the role or the most challenging thing about being a Team Leader?

Two joint favourite thing about being a team leader have been firstly, the satisfaction of seeing the amazing total we raised for Dig Deep’s work in Kenya, even in spite of the pandemic. Secondly, is getting to know my teammates, which supporting them through the pandemic has only facilitated.

The most challenging thing would be helping people cope with difficulties they faced once the pandemic struck - though as I say, that has actually contributed to the second of my two favourite parts of being a Team Leader!

Would you advise someone else to take on the position of Team Leader + if so, why?

If you doubt you can do something, you won't ever know until you try, so push yourself and give it a go! If you ever feel overwhelmed, Dig Deep provide amazing support, and usually you just feel that way because you are pushing and therefore expanding your limits!

Also, plan ahead and get started early!

Thanks for chatting with us Ethan and for being such a great Team Leader. If you think you are up to the challenge of recruiting and supporting your own team to reach the summit of Kilimanjaro in 2022 then head over to our website to apply now!

Has Ethan inspired you? Learn about the different ways you can fundraise for and support Dig Deep: If you would like to feature in our 'Confessions of a Fundraiser' series then get in touch by dropping us an email (

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