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Getting Crafty with Sophie

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

What has been your biggest challenge with fundraising this year?

First, just finding the time! It is so hard to get focused. I am studying a full-time course at university and working part time along-side this. Despite lock-down I have managed to sell clothes, bags, shoes and prints online. Which has been so simple and easy to do. Secondly, training! I hated going to the gym as it was so daunting, but we go as a team 2-4 of us and we run together, I know I am not alone in this training and we can push each other and use different techniques.

What you have learnt from the experience? How amazing charities are! You do not realise how much you have to do to raise and organise things. Also, there is a limit to how much your family and friends can help you but make sure to reach out to them all even if they can't donate they may be able to help in other ways. Fundraising primarily online, making quizzes and attending craft fairs are time consuming, but I cannot stop doing them. Contacting local shops and going to shops you get a lot of rejection but the outcome on some shops is amazing the results. Which are great for raffles, our ball we did not pay for a single raffle item we had over 40 items in our raffle. Do you have any tips that you would give to those who are struggling with fundraising?

Check out bits online, see if there is anything you can up-cycle or get crafty and make some bits. We made pompoms over Christmas to sell at craft fairs, it was so simple yet effective. Just try and contact as many people as possible for example art galleries – we contacted one in London who were throwing away prints. We drove up there and collected a whole car full!

Go into shops! This has been a god send for us, we managed to get vouchers, free books, a shop sent us a whole box of bits that needed a signature as it was so large.

What has been your favourite moment so far? This is a tough question- but just being a part of a team has been great. I know this is a cliché but meeting new people is scary but becoming a team and getting to know everyone is so nice. Also, organising everything is great, I’m a freak for organisation. From creating designs on tickets to Facebook updates is something I love doing!

Thank you so much Sophie! We can't wait to see you reach the Roof of Africa next summer alongside the rest of the Portsmouth Team.

Has Sophie inspired you to get fundraising? Learn about the different ways you can fundraise for and support Dig Deep:

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