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Cake, Cake, Cake with Ellie C

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

How did you start your fundraising?

I reposted the Notts Kilimanjaro picture of me being the new member on my Instagram story and then but the link in my bio. I also posted the link on Facebook with a caption about what the challenge was and how people can help I then posted the link on some group chats because I thought if I asked people more directly they would be more likely to donate

What made you decide to sign up to the challenge?

I’ve always wanted to do something like this - I love challenges and pushing myself and because it’s such a good cause it seemed like a no brainer.

Do you have any idea of fundraising events that you would like to do over the next year?

I am hoping to organise lots of bake sales, pub quizzes and coffee mornings to raise money. I also want to start a project where people would donate and I take a recommendation from them and try it out. Whether it is watching their favourite film, cooking their favourite meal or travelling to where they love the most!

What do you hope to get from the experience of fundraising and climbing Kilimanjaro?

A sense of community and accomplishment!

What are you most excited about?

Meeting new people and Kilimanjaro is known as an elusive climb it would be such an accomplishment

Thank you so much Ellie for speaking with us, good luck with all your fundraising and welcome to the Dig Deep Family!

Has Ellie inspired you to get fundraising? Learn about the different ways you can fundraise for and support Dig Deep:

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