Now wash your hands

Now wash your hands. I remember the blue on white sign that adorned every basin in every toilet at my school. I was then 5 years of age, on my way to queue outside the dining hall before every meal, waiting to file past the eager eye of a teacher, showing him the palms and backs of my hands to prove their cleanliness. “Dirt under the nails” go and use a brush to clean them and join the back of the queue for lunch. Between my parents, my teachers and society washing my hands became as natural as going to the toilet. Soap was always available for doing so as I'm sure it was for you­.

I remember being in Mara back in 2012 and being in a meeting discussing hygiene with staff and parents at Endoinyo Erinka School. At the end of the meeting a parent rose and declared with passion how wonderful this soap thing sounded and that if it was as good for their children as we said they would support buying this soap for the school. We take for granted the simplest connection between germs and soap and clean water as barriers for disease.