The Tell Tale Stain - Why Menstruation Matters

Menstrual Hygiene Training

Last year during the annual Menstrual Health Day celebrations, we reflected on Menstruation Matters. The purpose of the day is having “a day we should all feel free and happy to celebrate, despite the culture of silence around menstruation.”

It’s another year where we are celebrating why #MenstruationMatters to everyone everywhere- I still believe that the complexity, versatility and beauty of menstruation is still exciting and a topic to bounce happily about to everyone everywhere. But to many adolescence school going girls in Kenya, it’s still a nightmare! They’re ridiculed, they cannot talk about menstruation openly. It’s never a sign of pride it’s a curse.

When these girls are growing up they are never empowered to learn to anticipate and manage their menstruation; they have to figure it on their own. I've spoken to many teenage girls whose joy is deflated and instead they sulk all days when the ‘tell-tale stain’ shows up.