Become a Period Pride Rep.
It's time to celebrate periods.

We’re on the lookout for committed and enthusiastic reps to join the Dig Deep family and spread some period pride!

Period Pride is a celebration of periods; we want to shed the stigmas surrounding periods and give girls the confidence they need to unlock their potential and thrive. We also want to raise awareness of the issues that many women and girls around the world face whilst menstruating. 

1 in 10 young women in the UK can't afford sanitary products. 


88% of Kenyan girls would not feel comfortable talking to their mothers about periods.

Are you someone who would like to raise awareness of these issues? Would you like to take part in a campaign that could transom lives of young girls? Do you believe in period pride? 

Join the Dig Deep family and together we will shed the stigmas surrounding periods and give girls the confidence they need to unlock their potential and thrive.

As a Period Pride Rep you will help to provide essential educational training on menstruation to school children in Kenya. You will be a part of the change. You will be breaking the taboo. 

You can create positive change and raise vital funds through all sorts of fabulously fun events and activities. Here are just some of the ideas you could use to spread some Period Pride: 

  • Host a Period Pride Party

  • Promote and sell the amazing Period Pride collection

  • Spread the word around your local area and engage with your students/colleagues about our menstruation education in Kenya

  • Set up a market stall 

  • Recruit other willing volunteers to spread Period Pride

  • Act as an ambassador for our Period Pride campaign on campus or at your workplace

  • Raise funds to support Dig Deep's Menstruation education


If you would like to spread some Period Pride and be a part of helping girls in Kenya reach their full potential then please complete the form below and Rachael will be in touch shortly. 


"I was over the moon to hear about Dig Deep’s Period Pride campaign. As a Yoga Therapist working in schools in central London I talk regularly to young people, especially young girls, about their bodies.  Yoga can help everyone get more in touch with their body, and massively help young girls not only become more comfortable in their body and understand their inner workings but also help manage their menstrual cycle.


Growing up I felt a huge amount of shame and discomfort around my menstrual cycle and I found that shame silencing. My menstrual cycle and the pain I felt during certain parts of my cycle felt like something I should keep to myself and just part of ‘the burden of being a girl’.  During my late teens I started yoga and my teacher began introducing tips on how to manage menstrual cramps to the class. Over time my yoga practice helped me learn to love my body and feel more accepting of the many different moods, aches and pains, highs and lows of my cycle.


I feel passionate that all girls deserve to feel pride over their bodies, and their menstrual cycles and that education is the main catalyst for this. By getting involved with Dig Deep’s period pride campaign I hope that periods can be celebrated, and more young people can have an accurate understanding of every part of the menstrual cycle."

Joanna has planned a Yoga Class at Latham Law Firm and a Spoken Word Event, 'Give Aunt Flo the Mic' both which are taking place in June 2019.




"After working with Dig Deep in a variety of capacities I am really proud to now be a rep for the Period Pride Campaign. As a young woman Dig Deep’s Period Pride Campaign is such a necessary movement to begin breaking the stigma surrounding menstruation by shedding the metaphors and negative connotations.  It is hard to believe that there are still places where girls and women cannot access the right information, sanitary products and support to help them through their time of the month.


It is super exciting to be working with Dig Deep again and support #menstruationmatters. The funds raised through this campaign lead to crucial training for girls and boys in Kenya through Menstrual Hygiene Management Training (MHM) aiding them to improve health, hygiene and attendance in school."

Harriet held a Period Party which raised over £230 and is in the midst of planning another with her sister Alice.




"Having climbed both Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya AND run a series of UK based races for Dig Deep, alongside studying a masters in International Development I was delighted to take on this new opportunity by becoming a Period Pride Rep for Dig Deep.

After working on two menstruation projects in Ethiopia and Cambodia, I was inspired by the campaign and decided to join Dig Deep as a Period Pride Rep, to continue supporting the charity and promote menstrual education worldwide.

In my spare time I love to run and go on as many budget holidays as possible per year, typicall I then end up running on said budget holidays!"

Ela is currently liaising with the local church to plan a Period Pride party, whilst also promoting the Period Pride collection around her local area.



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