of girls worldwide miss out on their schooling due to not being able to manage their period.

of rural schools don't have a private place for girls to change their menstrual product

of girls in Kenya would not be comfortable discussing menstruation with their mother.

Kenyan girls believe that menstruation is the most significant barrier to their schooling. We have launched ‘Period Pride’ as we want to celebrate periods. We want to shed the stigmas surrounding periods and give girls the confidence they need to unlock their potential and thrive.

"You may feel sad because you had not expected. You may feel shame. You may feel shy because you can not even wanted to talk to the other girls because they laugh at you"

School Girl, Bomet County, Kenya

In many parts of Kenya, menstruation is a taboo topic; the shame and stigmas attached to periods can scar the psyche and confidence of young girls at a critical time in their lives. The lack of knowledge around menstruation creates shame and crippling misunderstandings that keeps girls at home when they should be learning. We believe education on menstruation is the key to keeping girls in school.


By joining our campaign you will be helping to provide essential educational training on menstruation to school children in Kenya. You will be a part of the change. You will be breaking the taboo. Help us to spread Period Pride.

Dig Deep is working to keep girls in school through our Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) programme. MHM provides access to adequate information, preparation, and support to manage menstruation in a healthy, safe, and dignified manner.


We educate girls.  Our educational programme equips girls with the information they need to manage their periods effectively. We educate girls about their bodies; teaching them about the biological function of periods and how they can manage and prepare for their menstruation. Dig Deep also provides safe and private female latrines which include shower rooms and clean running water.


We educate boys too. Our programme is designed so that some of our sessions involve boys and men too. The importance of boys understanding that periods are natural and that they must support and care for their sisters and future daughters is critical to the success of the training. Menstruation is not something that should be seen as a women’s problem, by normalising the conversation around menstruation and giving girls confidence in themselves we are laying the path for them to succeed.

We work on systematic change too.  We work closely with the local government to refine our syllabus and ensure that the training is appropriate and effective. We monitor the impact of the programme together with national and county government stakeholders to reinforce the prioritisation of MHM and to influence policy towards a brighter future for the girls of Kenya.

Our programme has been developed with the assistance of expert international researchers and is delivered by our local Kenyan staff. Our aim is to keep girls learning so that they can earn more in the future to lift their families out of poverty.

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Spread the power of period pride and raise awareness of period issues by throwing a party! Bloody Mary anyone?

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Join our campaign and help us to raise awareness of issues affecting women and girls worldwide. 

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You can give the gift of menstruation education to a young girl in Kenya by becoming a regular giver.

Become a regular giver

Your support will create ripples of change...

We call it the ripple effect. Your contribution is the first drop - the ripples it creates change everything...



Poor menstrual health management can cause irritation and/or discomfort when menstruating. We know that by educating girls about their bodies and what to expect when menstruating, they can be better prepared to manage their periods correctly and stay healthy.



A girl misses 4 school days every month due to poor menstrual management. Your contribution will help to provide menstruation education, access to clean water and female-friendly latrines. All of this will keep girls in school so that they can keep learning and realise their full potential.


Empowerment for women

Where we work menstruation is a taboo topic. Feelings of shame can scar the psyche and confidence of young girls at a crucial time in their lives. By educating girls and boys on menstruation, we are breaking down the taboos which restrict girls and women and instead, creating an environment where they feel empowered.



We know that for every year a girl stays in education in Kenya, she will earn between 10% and 25% more in her lifetime. By unlocking the potential of young girls, they will be able to earn more in the future and lift themselves, and their families out of poverty. 


Periods are natural. They should not be a shameful or lonely experience. By providing education to girls and boys we are creating a safe environment that promotes dignity and brings happiness. 

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