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Working with our corporate partners, we make a far bigger impact than we could by acting alone. Together we can make real change happen in Bomet County, southwest Kenya, ensuring thousands of residents have access to clean water, safe toilets and hygiene - forever.

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Work with us to:

  • Demonstrate brand purpose - Engage your consumers around a cause they really care about, while showcasing your social impact. Providing access to clean water is the number one cause global consumers care about*. It’s also the number one cause UK customers want a brand to be involved with**. Dig Deep has a powerful story to tell, and one that resonates with many people across the world. Showing your support for us will associate your brand with positive change directly related to combatting COVID-19 and realising Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 6, which in turn will increase your customer’s loyalty to your products.

  • Enhance your employee offer and increase staff engagement - We invite teams like yours to come together and join in our mission to deliver clean water, sanitation and hygiene for all in Bomet County. Working with you to identify your needs, we can deliver a bespoke employee engagement package to increase staff engagement, improving attraction and retention of your highest performing team members.

  • Increase customer satisfaction and drive sales - We will work with you to create tailored communications to engage customers to increase the value that consumers put on your products, complement your ESG goals, and make you stand out in a crowded market.

  • Drive sustainable change - Help to realise SDG 6 in Bomet County by partnering with a trusted, high impact NGO and creating a mutually beneficial, long-term partnership aligned to your goals.


You can find out more about our work, and how we engage with our partners by watching our recent webinar.


* Nielsen, Global CSR Survey, 2014

** Phar, UK survey 2016


If you'd like to find out more about making a donation to Dig Deep or to discuss a mutually beneficial, long-term partnership, please get in touch with our Head of Fundraising and Communications Katherine Leach

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'I know that the impact we had on Kihato Primary School will matter 5, 10, 20 years from now. The memories and lessons from this experience are some I will never forget. One thing always remains consistent for me — doing good, feels good.'

Janica Lee | Solutions Architect | Elastic | February 2020









'Seeing not only the impact of our company's fundraising, but also Dig Deep's partnerships with local government, schools and the community; getting to know the team and seeing how hard they work to ensure people have access to clean water, safe toilets and good hygiene; have been an unforgettable experience.


Dig Deep is definitely a charity we at Waterlogic are very proud to be partnered with.'

Marianela Peraza | Waterlogic Group BI Manager | February 2021

'This has been LSU Rag's first year working with Dig Deep, and we have been blown away by the level of organisation, support and communication that has been received by both Rag and the student participants. With Dig Deep's support, we have recruited one of our biggest ever teams for our Kilimanjaro trek. Despite restrictions around coronavirus, participants are also progressing well with fundraising and are receiving regular support through multiple channels. As Rag Chair, I receive timely updates as soon as any changes occur, and the team at Dig Deep are always quick and helpful with their replies. I would certainly encourage more Rag's to partner with Dig Deep!'

Hettie Bawden | RAG Chair | Loughborough RAG | January 2021

Engage your employees through volunteering...

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Take on a Dig Deep International Challenge.

Take your team on the adventure of a lifetime. We are experts when it comes to organising challenges in East Africa, and can arrange a challenging, memorable and unforgettable adventure for your team.

You can either climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya, or walk through the Great Rift Valley on our 70km Walk for Water Challenge.

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Nominate Dig Deep as your charity of the year.

Your organisation has the potential to unlock opportunity for thousands of Kenya's poorest residents by ensuring they have clean water, safe toilets and good hygiene - forever. By selecting Dig Deep as your charity of the year, we can work together to create a mutually beneficial partnership that will help you to realise your company's CSR objectives.

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Complete our virtual Kilometres for Kenya Challenge.

Host our 100km distance-based challenge as a way to unite your team at work. Individuals can compete on their own or as part of a team. Our challenge will encourage healthy competition between teams, whilst taking you on a virtual tour of Dig Deep's work in Kenya. As you clock up kilometres, you will pass milestones and be introduced to the communities and individuals that you are supporting with your fundraising.

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Set up employee or payroll giving.

Encourage and enable your employees to give back and support people in Kenya through tax-efficient payroll giving. Payroll giving is a very easy and convenient way for employees to give. They can decide how much they want to give and their tax free donation comes straight from their pay. We are currently enrolled with CAF Giving and the Charities Trust, but we will work with you to decide the best platform for your organisation.