We know that clean water, safe toilets and good hygiene unlock opportunities for Kenya's poorest residents by giving back the precious time that was once lost to water collection or illness. 


Thanks to the support of amazing people like you, we’ve reached over 200,000 people in Kenya with clean water, safe toilets and good hygiene since 2007. This is just the start, we’re now scaling up to reach the entire county of Bomet.


We know we can be part of the long term solution because we’ve used our experience on the ground to design and roll out locally appropriate approaches, build partnerships with MPs in the Parliament of Kenya and become the first international charity to have a direct co-funding agreement with the national government’s grassroots Constituency Development Fund.


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Why WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene)?

Diseases from dirty water kill more people every year than war, and children under five years old are the worst affected. The time lost to sickness means that every year 443 million school days are missed and £200 billion is wiped from the global economy.

With the support of incredible people like you, we are removing these barriers, and giving people the opportunity to improve their own lives. This starts with Dig Deep working with partners to install taps and toilets whilst ensuring that everyone has the knowledge they need to be free of disease.

Clean water reduces diarrhoea by 21%
Safe toilets reduce diarrhoea by 37%
Hand washing at critical times can reduce diarrhoea cases by as much as 35%

The Long Term Goal

Our long term goal is that the people of Kenya spend no more time thinking about where their water comes from and where their waste goes than we do. This means every household, school, hospital and place of work has taps that always supply enough clean water, as well as safe toilets that provide privacy and dignity to everyone. Our vision is a Kenya where simple actions that prevent disease such as handwashing with soap are a part of everyday life and no girl or woman is disadvantaged by lack of knowledge about their periods. 

As time will no longer be lost by collecting water or falling sick from a preventable disease, children will be free to learn and their parents better able to earn, allowing them to improve their position in life. Achieving our long term goal involves the government and private sector partners working together to create self-sustaining systems built on well-supported workers, engaged communities and appropriate infrastructure.

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