We believe every resident in Kenya has a fundamental right to access clean water, safe toilets and good hygiene.


Our purpose is to collaborate with the Kenyan government, local businesses and communities, to transform the provision of clean water, sanitation and good hygiene in Bomet County - one of the most challenging and least resourced areas in the country.


We take an integrated approach to all our work, using partnerships, education, training and advocacy to create sustainable change for Bomet’s 1 million residents.


  • Partnerships – we facilitate the provision of clean water supplies and safe toilets for communities, schools and hospitals

  • Education – we provide essential education to school children on hygiene and menstrual health.

  • Training – we provide training to local government, businesses, contractors and communities so they can embed the systemic improvements to water, sanitation and hygiene over the long term.

  • Advocacy – we work with the local community to advocate for change in planning, environmental and health policy to secure the long-term viability of safe water and hygiene provision.


We monitor our impact by regularly collecting data on the provision of clean water, sanitation and good hygiene. This integrated approach ultimately allows the 1 million residents of Bomet to improve their health, education and livelihoods.

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“We are much appreciative of our partnership with Dig Deep since 2017. Their construction and project supervision is the best and they also train teachers, pupils and community members on menstrual hygiene management which is a big problem in Kenya. Together, we are working hand in hand to enable our community to have access to clean water, safe sanitation and good hygiene." 

Hon Dominic Koskei

MP Sotik Constituency, Bomet County.

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